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Welcome to Food Bank Kansai
Our mission is to bridge the gap between waste and hunger by procuring donations of surplus food from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers, and distributing it to orphanages, homeless shelters, rehabilitation facilities, homes for the elderly, and shelters for victims of domestic abuse.

A huge waste
Every day food companies throw away surplus food, food with damaged packaging, and food approaching its expiration date. This food retains nutrition and flavor and is safe to eat, yet it is burned up in incinerators producing CO2 gas and becoming a factor in climate change

People in need
Decreased government funding has had a harsh impact on facilities that support people in need.  

How we help
Food Bank Kansai links food companies to institutions that support the needy by collecting surplus food on a daily basis and distributing it to over 30 non-profit groups, in this way creating a free distribution system for surplus food. Our goal is to maximize the efficient use of food in order to reduce hunger in our community while helping to protect the environment.  Volunteers work on a rotational basis, making deliveries daily.   An average of 300 kg of food is delivered each day, adding up to approximately 9 tons each month. 

Through the work of dedicated volunteers and partnerships with local welfare groups, Food Bank Kansai is able to provide food to over 4,000 people each month.  

In 2009 Food Bank Kansai collected and distributed over 110.5 tons of surplus food.

As a young organization we welcome your comments and ideas. Please contact us at anytime.

Food Bank Kansai
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